Blue Ridge Parkway

Since the first section of the scenic

motor road opened to public travel

more than 60 years ago, the

Parkway has recorded some 700

million visits.  That's a stunning

number, to be sure, but then the

Parkway is a wonderfully stunning



The parkway can be accessed from

Highway 19 at Soco Gap. From

Maggie travel west on Highway 19

toward Cherokee. At the intersection

of 19 and the BRP you can go west

to the park entrance or east toward

Asheville and beyond. Local

highlights include Waterrock Knob,

Graveyard Fields, Devils

Courthouse and the highest point on the parkway (6050 feet) all within an hours drive of Maggie Valley.


The gently winding road offers spectacular mountain scenery as it threads its way from the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina.   Along its 469-mile length, distant vistas are complemented by pastoral landscapes, replete with log cabins and split-rail fences.  At the same time, the Parkway boasts a surprising variety of plants and wildlife.


Trails close by on the Parkway


Mile Post 407.6 Mt. Pisgah Trail (summit view) 1.26 Moderate / Strenuous


Mile Post 407.6 Buck Springs Trail (Pisgah Lodge to view) 1.06 Easy / Moderate


Mile Post 408.5 Frying Pan Mountain Trail 1.65 Moderate / Strenuous


Mile Post 417 East Fork Trail (USFS, access to Shining Rock Trail System) 0.1 Easy / Moderate


Mile Post 418.8 Graveyard Fields Loop Trail (loop by a stream) 2.29 Moderate


Mile Post 419.4 John Rock Trail (leg stretcher to view) 0.1 Easy


Mile Post 422.4 Devil's Courthouse Trail (panoramic summit view) 0.42 Moderate / Strenuous


Mile Post 427.6 Bear Pen Gap Trail (access to Mountains-to-Sea Trail) 0.22 Easy


Mile Post 431 Richland Balsam Trail (self-guiding loop through spruce-fir forest) 1.47 Moderate


Mile Post 433.8 Toy Taylor Overlook Trail (paved trail to overlook) 0.1 Easy


Mile Post 451.2 Waterrock Knob Trail (summit view) 1.18 Moderate / Strenuous


*Mileage indicated length of trail one-way unless otherwise noted.


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